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Thread: question on open carry at 18 years old

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    question on open carry at 18 years old

    i understand the legal age for open carry is 18 but the stupid thing is you cant buy a hand gun unless you are 21. So this question is about my grandaughter. I guess i am to assume i can gift her one or loan her one of mine. What is the best course of action? As i am not about to send her out into this world un armed. After all things have changed in the 42 years sence i was 18.

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    You can't buy a handgun from an FFL dealer until 21, however private sales are legal, with a PPP. Some sheriff's will issue to 18 - 20 year olds, some won't. Perhaps that will change when HB937 goes into effect in a couple of days.

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    As long as you're 18, you can OC a handgun regardless of who owns it (as long s it's legal possession, no stolen guns obvi). This can be gifts, loans, private sales, etc.

    You can just loan it to her, or give it to her, or if your sheriff is reasonable, have her get a PPP and fill out a bill of sale and it's hers. (No registration, just protective paperwork)

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