Hello all, the wife and I are headed to Wyoming for vacation in early October. We picked Wyoming because your state is gun friendly. Too bad we have to pass through Colorado to get there...lol

I OC just about every day here in NM and like Wyoming the gun laws are very friendly for Open Carry. I just wanna touch base with you all and make sure I'm not missing a law somewhere.
They are close to what we have in NM but are also different.
I got a lot of info off of this site http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/wyoming.pdf (if you look at that site and see any wrong info please let me know lol) along with opencarry.org and the forums.

So OC is allowed;
In places that serve alcohol like Red lobster, Chilli's ect....
In places that sell alcohol not for onsite consumption like a liquor store.
(No drinking while carrying of course)
How about a straight up bar?
National Parks IE Grand Teton and Yellow Stone (but not in buildings).

I get you can't conceal on your person in a vehicle but you can conceal in a vehicle (like your glove box)?
Also any business can post "no guns" and that is the law of the land.
Any comment is greatly appreciated!
We look forward to seeing your State!