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Thread: OCer Thwarts Robbery in NOLA.

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    OCer Thwarts Robbery in NOLA.

    The male victim, who was carrying his own firearm in plain view in a holster around his waist, removed his weapon and fired it in the direction of the robbers.
    Michael Kennedy, the attorney for the victims, confirmed that the man was escorting a woman to her car when they were held up. He said the man owns a registered handgun that he carries legally and openly on occasion.
    Except for the attorney saying we have registered weapons here, which we don't, it's not a bad article.
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    The other goofy thing is that the attorney called them "warning shots." He did the same thing in subsequent TV interviews.

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    Think that "warning shots" is code speak for bad aim or lack of training.
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    I'm suspicious of this story. Everyone knows that only heavily-armed SWAT teams and do-gooder legislators can stop violent crime.

    Is this man in this story even allowed to shoot back without a no-knock warrant?

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    This story must be false, because the OCer wasn't "shot first" for his gun.

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    Holster around the waist?

    The male "victim" was attempting to kidnap the woman and the three youths were attempting to rescue her.....NOLAPD has gits it all wrong.

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