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Thread: been living in billings for 2 years

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    been living in billings for 2 years

    I have been living in billings for two years i have a CPL from wa state that is good here. but it expires in few weeks. i have came across a few websites about the carry laws on this site. but I want to make sure i understand them. i know state laws are different. in wa state i could carry concealed in banks. i read here that i can not carry concealed but i can open carry in banks? now as far as bars are concerned. i read that open carry is legal but concealed is not in bars I dont go into establishments that serve alcohol with my firearm any way??. in wa i could carry in a bar but before a certain time before no one under 21 was allowed?. As far as school zones i have read that you cant conceal carry inside. i may have my facts wrong on this one. so you cant conceal in side schools? but how about on property out side of the school waiting for your child. also open carry. I think i may contact the police dept on this one.. thank you for help

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    There are quite a few threads with just those questions answered. Another good source is

    You cannot CCW in banks, or in bars. There has been a lot of debate on places such as a diner that serves alcohol as well. You can OC in the places mentioned. The school stuff is another hot topic, but has been generally accepted that you can pick up your kids, but you may not enter the school.

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