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Thread: WV Sen. Manchin Admits taking money from anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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    WV Sen. Manchin Admits taking money from anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg

    I am a member of the West Virginia Citizen's Defense League (, the largest Pro Second Amendment & Gun Rights Group in West Virginia. On September 13th, 2013, I had the opportunity to go face-to-face with Senator Manchin and confront him, on video, regarding several topics regarding gun control and legislation.

    During the interview I had with the Senator, I asked him how he could reconcile his statements on needing less regulation while Beretta USA claimed he was a reason the company chose not to relocate to West Virginia. In this video, Sen. Manchin replies, "Beretta, to say they are being disengine is an understatement... Beretta has no intentions of leaving Maryland and what they are saying absolutely false." In my opinion, and because this was a public statement issued at the dedication of a public shooting range in West Virginia, the Senator is harming the reputation of Beretta USA and opening himself up to a libel suit for the damage to Beretta USA.

    Perhaps more troubling than that is the fact that in the beginning of the video, the Senator can be overheard stating that the US Constitution can be changed through LEGISLATION - completely discounting the fact that there is a full Constitutional Amendment process requiring ratification by the States... the thought of a US Senator thinking legislation can change the Constitution is scary.

    Then he goes so far as to think that he can overturn an Executive Order. Watch the Video below and see for your self.

    Then about 3 days ago, I received an email from the Vice-General Manager of Beretta who had seen the video. Below is the email in its entirety showing that Sen. Manchin is lying and creating libelous statements about Beretta-USA.

    Dear Jeremy,

    I saw today the YouTube footage of Senator Manchin in which he told you
    that Beretta was being disengine [I think he meant to say disingenuous]
    about moving out of Maryland.

    Having visited almost 70 sites in 6 States over the past 2 months for the
    purpose of looking for a location in which the Beretta organization can
    expand its business operations in the U.S., I can suggest that if we are
    being disingenuous about this project we certainly are going to great
    lengths to carry on the charade. What I can tell you as unequivocable fact

    1) The legislative battle in Maryland over guns came at a time when all 3
    Beretta companies located in that State were actively planning expansion

    2) As a consequence of that battle these companies decided not to invest
    further in the State (other than to maintain our operations, keep equipment
    functioning, etc.) but to instead plan our expansion investment elsewhere.

    3) That as a consequence of Senator Manchin's decision to lead anti-gun
    efforts in the U.S. Senate the Beretta companies chose not to consider
    expansion or investment in West Virginia.

    4) Our decision not to consider West Virginia as a future home for our
    operations was not made easily and was made with a certain amount of
    disappointment on our part given the number of fine pro-gun citizens in
    that State and given the State's beauty and proximity to Maryland. The
    decision was made, though, out of concern that Senator Manchin's efforts
    might be emblematic of a shift in 2nd Amendment attitudes in that State.

    5) The States where we have concentrated our search are Virginia, North
    Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee (in no
    particular order of preference).

    Best wishes,
    Jeff Reh
    General Counsel
    and Vice-General Manager
    Beretta U.S.A. Corp.
    The video has started to go viral. It is on and several other alternative news sites.

    However, I feel that everyone should know about Sen. Manchin's statements regarding Beretta-USA and especially how he feels the US Constitution can be changed through legislation. That is beyond reprehensible.

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    Good on Beretta.

    I noticed that Mr. Reh chooses to capitalize the word "State." Respect to him and, by extension, Beretta.

    Mr. Reh, will you consider Ohio? I'd love to interview for a position with your company should you relocate near Wright-Patterson AFB. I currently sell firearms (including Berettas). I will be mentioning to my customers Berettas commitment to the RKBA.

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    Want to see who else he gives $$$ to ... one link that shows some ..

    looks like he lives at 909 3rd ave ... NYC

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    The WVCDL has promised to be at every event Manchin attends in WV. So we have kept that promise. We singed 30 new due's paying members last weekend at the National Hunting and Fishing Days at Stonewall Resort. Even had a uniformed DNR officer who was one of his escorts on the grounds sign the dotted line. October 12th Rockafeller, Biden, and Manchin, will all be in Charleston WV. The WVCDL will be there. Along with several other pro 2ndA groups.
    I am not a gun nut, nor am I a nut with a gun
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