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Thread: va state fair thoughts

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    va state fair thoughts

    its well known and posted that "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED ON THIS PROPERTY" at the meadow location of the state fair. They have clowns at the gate searching bags and such. They must be looking for cannons because they sure as hell arent going to find pistols with their technique...they simply poke the bag as person after person and stroller after stroller goes by. Maybe they are looking for glass containers? I hope everyone feels so much safer after this show of security. Granted, there seem to be at least 100 state troopers present in every nook and cranny. Funny thing about that is the meadow is out in the country with a nice atmosphere and we are smothered with security and police but when it was over on laburnum and you actually needed the extra security...wasnt there in this number and show of force. The meadow holds gun shows, thats guns on property. They have cowboy mounted shooting with .45"s at the fair, they have the rhinestone roper with at least 4 .45"s shooting wax and blanks but very real guns. His female partner also has a very real .45 on her. So others can be trusted to posses, twirl, and handle openly firearms where firearms are prohibited but not you nor I. Then take our money to make more money selling us guns at a later time....
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