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Thread: Who needs a gun in Portsmouth

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    Who needs a gun in Portsmouth

    Resident pulls weapon, fires at would-be robbers Two intruders escape, while two suspects face charges
    – Cindy Clayton, The Pilot 04 OCT 13
    PORTSMOUTH Four people entered a home on Long Point Boulevard armed and masked and intent on robbing their victims, police said. But the intruders were greeted with resistance. One person in the home pulled a gun and fired, hitting an intruder, according to police. Others grabbed a second masked man and held him. Two intruders escaped. The residents were unharmed.

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    Who needs a gun handy at home in Portsmouth ?

    Well, it is Portsmouth, after all . . . . . . When not one, but FOUR armed, masked men break into your little cottage, what are you to do? As Tony Macrini on WNIS-AM radio always says, when asked "Why do you need a gun?" He always answers, "Because you might need to shoot somebody!" Amen!
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    Hope the homeowner did not own any of those evil large capacity magazines !

    I wonder how many rounds he shot off?

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