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Thread: FYI: Gun Shop In Muskogee Will Be Carrying Ballistol Soon

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    FYI: Gun Shop In Muskogee Will Be Carrying Ballistol Soon

    Like just about everyone else, I discovered Ballistol after becoming addicted to Hickok45's shooting channel on YouTube and fell in love with it. Until now, though, the only places to get it in Oklahoma have been around the OKC area. Not even Tulsa.

    I recently made a suggestion to Okie Guns and Gear here in Muskogee to become a dealer, and they have let me know that they have sent in the paperwork and should be carrying it soon.


    If you don't know what Ballistol is:

    If you don't know who Hickok45 is... you should

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    I also learned about Ballistol watching Hickok45's YouTube channel. It seems to work pretty well, but does leave a heavy coating on the gun unless you dry it good. Amazon does sell it if no local places carry it, thats where I got mine.
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    Ace Hardware in Hugo carries it. I don't normally go to Hugo very often, but was looking for some metric sized drill bits and found Ballistol instead.

    Also Brisco Kid and Kiamichi Queen in Ft Towson sell it.

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