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Thread: "We love your gun-carrying husband"

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    "We love your gun-carrying husband"

    One of many reason I love a small town. The wife picked up an RX for me today at CVS in Mebane. She was with my niece and not carrying (her CHP is in-process), and she isn't comfortable OC'ing just yet.

    So the pharmacist said, "Oh, Mrs. XXXX, we love your gun-carrying husband"!!! "We wish he would just hang around our lobby all day, we feel safer"

    My wife was thrilled to tell me and I love hearing how not only local businesses are comfortable having armed customers, but that they actually prefer it an enjoy the security it provides them.

    This was the best OC report I have to make in many weeks. In other non-news I carried my kimber with crimson trace grips all around mebane this morning and the past week have carried my glock 22 around mebane, greensboro and Raleigh. Having OC'd for about a month now it has become normal, an everyday thing.

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    We use Walgreens, we both have open carried and not a word has been said, or even a eye batted. Last week I got my flu shot and had to take off the my gun to take my shirt off. Needed to unbuckle my pants to untuck and tuck my shirt in. I told the pharmacist before I did, and he said "no problem".
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    "I call popo say "he has my hat i left it at his house". They go talk to you. You say its yours. Sounds like a civil court matter."

    "Now I instead say he robbed me... Well popo done go and cuff you up I keep hat or it goes to go to court I testify you done did rob me. You now have to prove you didn't...."

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    OP, congradulations on the warm fuzzy received by store personnel.

    suggestion, offer to OC with your partner to make her feel more at ease in the community situation. Once she sees your comfort level as well as those around both of you while OC'g !

    wally world is a great venue to take a hand in hand OC'g trip.

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    A few years ago while living in Columbia Missouri we used Walgreen's and I had to pick up a prescription after dark a day after a druggie had tried to get pain killers with a knife. I debated leaving the the OCed sidearm in the truck but decided "what the hell".

    As the pharmacist came to the counter he cast a long glance at the sidearm and said "Where were you last night"?

    I just laughed and said "It was just his lucky night I guess".

    Nothing more was said about it.

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