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Thread: CCW Questions - Moving To Denver

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    CCW Questions - Moving To Denver

    I guess I'll be the newest guy around here. I'm moving to Centennial at the end of the month! Finally, as my wife and I have been talking about moving to the Denver area for years now.

    The company I work for finally came through with a transfer situation that I couldn't pass up. The downside is that I'm coming from the VERY gun friendly state of Arizona. You have to love Constitutional Carry.

    I do have a couple questions. I've done my homework on getting a CCW in Colorado, but does anyone know if they will accept my AZ permit as proof of having had a training class in the last ten years?

    I'm not saying that everyone couldn't use a refresher on everything, but I want to streamline the process as much as possible as it takes three months to get one. (so I've read).

    Anyone have any experience with Arapahoe County? I've also read the sheriff there is less than helpful in issuing permits.

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    They likely will not accept your permit as proof you had training. But your training should still be good; if they accept the particular training you got.

    Training? Oh wait, I don't see that in the 2nd amendment ....

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    Howdy Amigo!
    When you get to Colorado, look up Rob... Kenzai Group...
    He can square away your training credentials and you'll be good to go!


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