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Thread: Redboneshadow died 2 weeks...........

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    Redboneshadow died 2 weeks...........

    My dear friend Mike Cheney, aka Redboneshadow, died two weeks ago from smoking, cancer and kimo therapy.

    God bless Mike, may you have nothing but full clips, 1911's and AR-15 in heaven.

    Mike was an MP in the army, an avid 2 Amendment supporter, and avid Open Carrier, creator of crime mapping in Seattle, and armed citizen patrol organizer. He is survived by his wife Anne and his three dogs.

    We spent many an hour giving the politians in Seattle a bad time, and I will deeply miss him.

    Sorry for the late post but I just found out about it last week and have been very busy.

    There was no memorial service but Anne will be hosting a BBQ in the spring for close friends and family.

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    My Condolences... I wish I was closer to come and support you guys up there.

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    Sad to hear this. My thoughts go out to the family and friends.
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    Mike will be missed.
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    Rest in Peace fellow gunner...

    Currently mapping locations of Shooting Areas as well as Gun Stores - Let me know what is missing!

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    We all are the poorer when one of our own passes.

    The greatest tribute is to take up his work and see that it continues.

    Rest well brother.
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