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Thread: Holster recommendations

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    Holster recommendations

    I'll be at the gun show in Medina Ohio this weekend and thought I'd see if I could find a nice holster for my Ruger GP100 3" and maybe one for my Ruger P89/P90 too while I'm at it. I do like nice leather, but wouldn't turn away from Kydex or the like for the right holster. I'm right handed and carry 3:00, and I'm looking for something with some retention beyond simple friction - thumb break, etc., but not necessarily a high retention system.

    Any particular recommendations for either of these firearms would be appreciated, and if you know of a particular style or maker I should stay away from, I'm all ears.
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    I have a DeSantis leather thumb-break scabbard holster. Has a retention screw as well as the thumb break. I like it a lot so far, and they do make one for each of the models you stated.

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    If your in the market for a new holster feel free to checkout all the links I compiled in the Holster Options Document at

    I just added a couple new brands and options Great colors and leather finishes available for around $60 or less Great looking thick leather IWB holsters for $30 and free Kydex trades for life
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