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Thread: Kel-Tec .380 Armed bystander thwarts stun-gun robbery outside Concord bank

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    Kel-Tec .380 Armed bystander thwarts stun-gun robbery outside Concord bank

    "Spencer said his wife went into the bank to deposit the check while he waited in a parking spot. After about a minute, Spencer said he saw what he thought was a skinny white man and a stocky black man “play wrestling, you know, like a couple coworkers will do.” He didn’t pay much attention to the ruckus, but then he heard a “zapping sound,” he said. He looked back and realized the two men were struggling with a red money bag. The victim had withdrawn $5,000 from the bank while the suspect stood in line behind him, Spencer said, citing bank surveillance footage he had seen. When the victim reached the parking lot, the suspect allegedly attacked the victim with a stun gun."
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    Wow...right in downtown Concord...I would have figured it more for a bank on 29...easier getaway. Glad the victim and LAC are ok!
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    Police have not released an official description of the suspect, but Spencer said he was a black male, about 5 feet 7, in his mid-30s with a stocky build.
    Police say if the man will stop by the local police department headquarters he can pick up his stun-gun, being that there's nothing wrong, in their opinion, of stunning anyone.
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