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Thread: NYCís biker attack highlights the need for [mental health] targeted gun control.

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    NYCís biker attack highlights the need for [mental health] targeted gun control.

    "The video recording of a Sunday afternoon anniversary celebration being interrupted by a gang of adrenaline-fueled bikers was disturbing. What made it so terrifying is that we could all imagine it happening to us. If a family driving in in broad daylight in a major city can be attacked without a police response, what are the chances of a timely response by law enforcement on an isolated side street or country road at night?

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    Once Alexian Lien stopped his car, he was surrounded and his tires slashed, while his wife frantically called the police pleading for help. Had this been a city with concealed carry laws, perhaps the bikers would have had second thoughts about cornering a frightened family. However, with Manhattanís gun-control laws among the strictest in the country, New York City eliminated the deterrent effects such laws have on assailants, emboldening a biker gang to terrorize a family with impunity." Andrew King, Esq.

    See psychologizing dissent for the hazards of regulating mental health.
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    from experience

    a minor example of this happened to me and my wife and kids in our mini-van about 2 years ago on I-664 in SE Virginia, at night. There were about 5 such bikers driving like fools around us, in crawling traffic, driving between lanes to bypass the full-size autos in traffic, and as the traffic started moving a bit, they cut in front of me, and kept slapping on brakes when the way was clear ahead of them, making me keeping stopping short. My wife claims she was as afraid or more as she has ever been in a car that night. A cop ended up pulling over one of them, and at that action, the rest of them zoomed ahead and got away, but I remember it was a tense time for us, and when this came out in the news recently, it brought the memories back to us again. Something like this can make you confident, there is NO time you want to be caught unarmed, period.
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