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    Post financial institutions

    what banks do you Oregon guys/gals go to that has a policy that allows customers/members to carry (either open or concealed)? i'm not asking where you carry into and no one says anything, or you conceal because you know its against the bank/credit union policy. again i'm asking in reference to their policy.

    i've been walking into local branches and putting on my best to be an ambassador for the 2A. so far iv'e only found a few financial institutions that prefer you to conceal if you must carry into their branch.
    they are US bank, Northwest credit union and Chase Bank.

    while not perfect, i'll take that over Willamette community bank. Erica, the manager at the Albany branch, is firm in her belief that they are a federal building and that they fall under federal law because they are an FDIC bank. i contested to the contrary so she tried to look it up on the internet and prove it to me, but i didn't have forever to wait for her to look for something that doesn't exist. i had to just leave before i got pissed with her and collect my self before calling the Lebanon branch manager and getting a straight answer that their policy is written against guns.

    so, what pro-2A financial institutions in Oregon have you guys found/do you guys use?
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    My main accounts are at Wells Fargo.
    Opened my account there while OC, with a check from a legal settlement from a local PD who overstepped their authority because they didn't like me OC.

    I used to use a local credit union & OC'd all the time, even have hidden camera video of one transaction. But when WI finally got cc they included a bit in the trespassing law allowing businesses to post "keep out, evil gun owner" signs and that credit union did it.

    As soon as I can financially manage it, I will move my mortgage away from them as I have taken my everyday banking away.
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    In as much as state law is the only thing that matters, and it is silent on carry into financial institutions, I simply don't worry about their policies. Unless they say something, I carry. I've yet to have any issues though one manager asked me into her office and explained that they'd been robbed recently and that while the teller who was robbed wasn't at work that day, she would have freaked out. It wasn't a bad conversation and I told her that I'd conceal if I had occasion to come in again (I actually was in the wrong bank).

    So, no information on policy.

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    I would have to agree, so few places even post signs that if they do not say anything, i just go about my day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by We-the-People View Post
    My policy: Don't ask, make them tell.
    That sums it up right there. Best statement to date!

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