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Thread: *update* swiftmud premption issue

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    *update* swiftmud preemption issue

    GOOD NEWS!!!!

    Received verbal confirmation today from the Land Use & Protection Supervisor of the Southwest Florida Water Management District concerning their signs which were previously discussed in this thread. SWIFTMUD Legal Dept. has made the decision; and directed the Land Use & Protection Supervisor to remove the misleading wording after bullet #4. The supervisor stated the work needed to remove or cover up the language would start soon and be completed in 2 to 3 weeks.

    The supervisor actually thanked me for bringing this non compliance issue to their attention..... I am totally shocked at how quickly this was handled.
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    News soo nice,,, you just HAD to post it twice!!!

    I already read this news once today.


    Thanks for the waste of bandwidth,, and my time!!
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    Double posting is viewed as spamming on OCDO - please avoid doing so.

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