“Due to costs associated with and the potential of this coming up again, we are not going to replace all signs at once,” Sauer wrote to a Grass Roots member. “As signs are replaced (age or damage) or new signs are added, we will include updated information.”Grass Roots North Carolina president Paul Valone says he doesn’t buy that argument.“I find that disingenuous,” Valone said. “It’s not too expensive – you don’t have to replace them or anything, just take them down.”Valone provided photos of several park signs that say “possession of concealed or displayed firearms on this property is prohibited by law.” A review of park signs near downtown found that new signs are posted at Moore Square and Nash Square banning visitors from “openly” carrying guns, but making no mention of concealed weapons. But other parks, such as Davie Street Park, still have the older signs Valone cited.