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Thread: NC open carry experiences

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    NC open carry experiences

    I have had my CC for around 5 years now. Carry CC almost everyday. Being a dumbass, I let my CCW run out without renewing so I have to wait for it to go back through the system. So, within the last couple of weeks I decided to start open carrying around my local hometown area till my CCW comes back. I also just get tired of wearing my shirts untucked to conceal my revolvers (which tend to be bulky sometimes). I bought a Fobus holster and started taking my favorite S&W 586 along for the ride. Started out a little nervous not wanting to cause any issues, even though I know that may happen.

    What an experience......I live in Western NC (Hickory area) and several things have happened. Most often, nobody even bats an eye. Sometimes I'll see a very occasional person look, but not the constant stares I thought I would get. Usually the questions I get go something like this.......
    Hey, are you a cop...
    oh ok, nice gun....
    Can you carry open like that?....
    (yes...NC is an open carry state...look online @ for details.....)
    Man, nice to know somebody besides the criminals have guns....

    I most recently was in a Lowe's shopping for kitchen lights when an elderly man (around 70) and his wife stopped beside me. He looked down and said, "nice gun.....Smith?". I said, "yes, 586". He said. "357 magnum?". I said, "yep". He proceeded to tell me that he carries all the time, looked around and quickly flashed a Kimber 45 from under his coat. His wife went on to tell us that she carries a Ruger 380 and they have decided to not be victims. We talked a little about open carry and he thanked me for sticking up for our rights....he said that if he were a little younger he might open carry too.

    I've had one Food Lion manager tell me she wished I would just visit every hour or so.

    I must say that when my CCW arrives, I still may chose to OC most often. I think that around here people are just sick and tired of being scared all the time. I really enjoy being able to help people understand that this is an awesome country that has an awesome Constitution that we need to use.

    joe in NC

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    Joe...welcome to OCDO!! Great report!
    If something is wrong for ONE person to do to another, it is still wrong if a BILLION people do it.

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    I am in the Piedmont Triad area of NC. I started OC'ing months before I got my CHP. Like you said, most people don't even notice. I get a few occasional stares and some questions but overall very positive. Even though I have it, I still OC everywhere I can legally. The CHP has however been convenient in some aspects. With the new changes of HB937, I no longer have to park across the street and walk the kids onto school grounds and I can carry at places that serve alcohol as long as I am not drinking. Everywhere else, shes out.

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    I think we might have a new OC advocate! You will find a freedom with OC as you can carry what you wish, versus picking a handgun for that day's attire. It is so hot where I live and although I've OCed for many years, I wish I had started sooner!


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    been open carry for a while

    been open carry for a while now. only ever had one person say anything to me and it was a store clerk. simply asked " what you carrying?" I told him "s&w 40." he responded, "nice Taurus 357 here." that was that. most people don't even seem to notice. good to be in the south I guess.

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