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Thread: CBS's Elementary liberal misinformation about gun crime. John R. Lott, Jr.

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    CBS's Elementary liberal misinformation about gun crime. John R. Lott, Jr.

    "I have watched a few episodes of CBS's Elementary. I love crime stories and I have long been a fan of anything even vaguely related to Sherlock Holmes. But for someone reportedly as insightful as "Sherlock Holmes," this current resurrection of the show in modern day New York City sure makes a lot of silly factual mistakes. [ ... ] Of course, Elementary is regularly attacking free marketers and businessmen. In the episode "We are everyone" (Season 2, episode 3), "Holmes" rejects Ayn Rand as the "philosopher-in-chief to the intellectually bankrupt" (at about 7:24 into the show) and of course the killer leaves the clue: a well read copy of The Fountainhead by Rand. In the episode entitled "Rat Race" (Season 1, episode 4), "Holmes" blames greedy bankers, not government regulation in the least, for the recent financial crisis.

    Who is philosopher-in-chief to intellectually bankrupt CBS, Paul Joseph Goebbels (PhD Heidelberg 1921)?
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    The Fountainhead is more existential than capitalistic and certainly has vastly fewer social proscriptions in it than Atlas, so I have no idea how that would be the text of choice for a right wing objectivist terrorist. Granted Howard Roark blew up a building but it was his building, at least according to the terms of the book. I actually didn't know about the "acquaintance" thing, so that's pretty neat.

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    this has been the progressives media's way to present the socialist agenda since Andy Griffith was the "sheriff without a gun". to today when they talk about gun registration in VA, on a couple of cop shows. oh they always confiscate the guns people have.

    their use of words like imagration, instead of alien invasion. their use of health care instead of OBAMA care. Obama/Soetoro care has nothing to do with health care
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    i you call a CHP a CCW then you are really stupid. period.

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