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Thread: Arkansas Media Coverage showing how Prosecutors are responding to Act746 & Open Carry

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    Arkansas Media Coverage showing how Prosecutors are responding to Act746 & Open Carry

    More and more prosecutors and law enforcement agencies are starting to realize the AG opinion was junk and didn't address the real question: unlawful intent!
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    With the FBI study from 2006 saying that criminals don't OC & don't use holsters, it should be very apparent to LEO that the people they can see armed are not the problem.

    Violent Encounters: A Study of Felonious Assaults on Our Nation's Law Enforcement Officers
    Anthony J. Pinizzotto, Ph.D.; Edward F. Davis, M.S.; Charles E. Miller, III
    abstract here
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    "The law as passed makes it very difficult if not impossible to ascertain the intent of someone who is attempting to unlawfully deploy a weapon against another person so the practical effect is a substantial change in the law," Highland said.

    No, the law determines intent all the time ... intent is shown by behavior and actions and not on inaction.

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