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Thread: British Bull Dog .32

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    British Bull Dog .32

    Any own or carry a British Bulldog? I recently aquired a American version (Forehan and Wadsworth) British Bulldog. It's in a .32 cal not the .44 unfortunately. Anyone know how to tell exactly how old? I know it's pre 1898, but not sure exact year of manufacture. Pretty cool gun.

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    Take lots of good quality pics showing every angle and every mark on it. Send them of to the NRA Museum with a request for basic info.

    The .32S&W served for many years as the caliber of police departments across N & S America, Europe, and the "civilized" parts of Asia. That being the case, it's not something to be sneeded at. Sure, bigger stuff works better, but after all those years the line of folks willing to stand in front of it and get shot remains very short.

    stay safe.
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    I once heard that the 1849 colt pocket pistol(32 round ball) was responsible for more handgun deaths than any other pistol. Compared to today's standards it is considered a weak load. I have a 32-20 colt police positive that lately I have been carrying for around the home.
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