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Thread: Custom SERPA mid-ride paddle holster

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    Custom SERPA mid-ride paddle holster

    Well, I got a little inventive today and created a new mid-ride holster for my SIg. Pretty simple design that I was able to accomplish within about 30 minutes. I think the cool thing about this holster is that it adds drop to accomodate larger clothing without the full on "tacti-cool" look of a thigh rig.

    The parts for this holster are a BlackHawk SERPA CQC paddle holster and a Safariland leather Mid-ride 2 3/4'' duty belt ( that I bought from Souther Police Supply in Midlothian for $5.

    This modification added about 3" of drop and 1" of space compared to the original SERPA.

    I think this carry position is very comfortable, quick to don and doff, although the added leverage on the paddle probably doesn't help with keeping someone from snatching the gun but the parts and hardware that I used keeps the build quality of the whole holster up to par and theres quite a bit of costumization that can be done to get the best fit.

    I am adding this to my collection of different holsters I use every day. All my holster are paddle holsters and all level II retention. This holser is probably not the best choice for out and about at the store due to its extra bulkiness but different strokes for different folks I guess.

    Let me know what you think.

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    I have been procrastinating on doing something like that only using aluminum for several years.
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