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Thread: Video: SAAMI goes "mythbusters" to dispel myths about ammo in fires, etc.

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    Video: SAAMI goes "mythbusters" to dispel myths about ammo in fires, etc.

    Short story: Unchambered ammo is not dangerous.
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    Why would it be ... it pops .. nothing to hold the bullet to go forward.

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    You know that, I know that, probably everyone who's been on this forum more than a month knows that.

    But some people, mostly those that think a Glock goes 'click' every time you take it out of the holster, think that bullets in a fire will be expelled with the same velocity as if they were in a rifled barrel. These are the same people who thought the film "Shoot 'em Up" was a serious work of art. - 6 Stupid gun myths - 5 Ridiculous gun myths
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    Everybody here should already know all of this, but it was a fun video nonetheless.

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    They could have used 1/10th the ammo, gotten the same results.........and sent me the rest.
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