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Thread: Veteran's Day Freebies 2013

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    Lightbulb Veteran's Day Freebies 2013

    Next Monday is Veteran's day. Alot of local and national business are offering free meals and services to veterans, retirees, and active duty. As my wife works that day, to stay oout of trouble, I make that day a kind of 'scavenger hunt' to take advantage of many of the offers. (I did 20+ years, I feel I've earned it.) Anyway, I can't think of a better thing to do than to Open Carry when you are out and about on Veteran's day. Its a silent way to say both 'thank you for serving' and ' Thank you for letting me serve'

    I will post my encounters in the NoVA thread. If anyone wants to post here and link to their local thread, I'd like to see how we as retirees can STILL make a difference. Lets be positive!
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    As a Veteran I say thanks to other Veterans...

    Veterans Day Free Meals 2013

    A List of Veterans Day Free Meals and Other Veterans Day Freebies
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