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Thread: OC, parks, preemption, signage

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    OC, parks, preemption, signage

    City of Littleton has codified the CRS rule about passing an ordinance prohibiting OC in a specific area and stated:

    6-4-160 (A)
    The open carrying of firearms in or upon public facilities including, but not limited to: buildings, sites, areas, including municipally owned, operated, or leased buildings or properties; recreation facilities; and public parks, trails, or open space is unlawful when said facilities are posted with notification that the carrying of firearms is prohibited.

    My question then is: what are the signage requirements? The state law says that signs must be posted at all entrances, so if there's an open park with no defined entrances, but a randomly placed sign with a litany of rules, would I be okay to OC? I haven't spotted any "no firearms" signs yet, but will be keeping my eyes open going forward.


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    By the state law, yes, you would be legal to OC. That does not guarantee that you will not be hassled, of course, so be prepared.

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    I don't know about Littleton, but Northglenn has an ordinance that is adhered to with this:
    And, here's a pic of the signage required by said ordinance at their E. B. Raines park:
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    Yeah, so I guess I will just have to cover it up.

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    Fines across the state in Muni's are going up to $2650.

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