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Thread: Please Return; Reward Offered

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    Please Return; Reward Offered

    Please Return; Reward Offered

    The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the return of 2 rifles that were, as O’Ryan Johnson of the Boston Herald reports, “stolen from an FBI SWAT emergency response vehicle.”

    The weapons were an M-16 and a "sniper rifle" in .308 caliber. The kind of scary looking guns that we are told must be kept out of the hands of irresponsible civilians and entrusted only to wise, trained professionals.

    The FBI’s "SWAT emergency response vehicle,” was in Andover, Massachusetts when the guns were pinched. The town is known, chiefly, as the site of an expensive and prestigious prep school and one does wonder why the FBI needed that kind of firepower to go in there.

    One also wonders if you will be read your Miranda rights before or after you get the twenty grand.

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    A selective-fire carbine stolen, eh? Why does a LEO need suppressive fire in an American urban environment?

    It wasn't a legitimate law-enforcement tool that was stolen. It was his status symbol. Much worse...
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