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Thread: What Mass Killers Want-And How to Stop Them. Rampage shooters crave - spotlight, WSJ

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    What Mass Killers Want-And How to Stop Them. Rampage shooters crave - spotlight, WSJ

    "Central to the massacre pattern is the killer's self-styling. James L. Knoll IV, the director of forensic psychiatry at the State University of New York's Upstate Medical University, describes in a 2010 article how perpetrators often model themselves after commandos, wearing military dress or black clothing. Investigators usually find they had a lifelong fascination with weaponry, warfare, and military and survivalist culture. ... Contrary to the common assumption, writes author Michael D. Kelleher in his 1997 book "Flash Point," mass killers are "rarely insane, ... Instead, massacre killers are typically marked by what are considered personality disorders: grandiosity, resentment, self-righteousness, a sense of entitlement. They become, says Dr. Knoll, " 'collectors of injustice' who nurture their wounded narcissism."

    "How might journalists and police change their practices to discourage mass shootings? First, they need to do more to deprive the killer of an audience:
    • Never publish a shooter's propaganda.
    • Hide their names and faces.
    • Don't report on biography or speculate on motive.
    • Minimize specifics and gory details.
    • No photos or videos of the event.
    • Talk about the victims but minimize images of grieving families.
    • Decrease the saturation.
    • Tell a different story.

    Hmm, the WSJ advocating truth shaded and spun, propaganda? (Don't miss the comments.)

    John R. Lott, Jr. comments

    Is there any evidence that the multiple victim public shooters couldn't afford help with mental illnesses?


    Hardly new, but a detailed discussion on how Multiple Victim Public Shooters crave the limelight
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