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Thread: Tea Party Event, Richmond 11/15. 11/16, 11/17

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    Tea Party Event, Richmond 11/15. 11/16, 11/17

    From Va-Alert:

    The Virginia Tea Party is having a conference titled "Changing the Rules of the Game" on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 15, 16, and 17th at:

    DoubleTree by Hilton
    1021 Koger Center Boulevard
    Richmond VA 23235

    I will be speaking about guns for preparedness at 9:15 AM on Sunday, November 17th (part of the 5 Gs; God, Guns, Grub, Gold, Gab Workshop).

    During the three-day event, they will also be covering political strategies for taking back power from a bloated, overgrown government.

    For more details on this information-packed conference, click here:

    and here:
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