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    rolling through

    ive been doing a little research via the WWW on the oc laws. I know i cant carry concealed since i dont have reciprocity. However i will be staying in castle rock with my inlaws and traveling back to my old house in berthoud where i used to work and live. I know denver is off limits however what are the broken down barney rules in Colorado?

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    I shouldn't be responding as a newb, but in case this is the only response you get....

    1) concealed car carry is legal everywhere. So is open car carry except Denver.

    2) open carry anywhere except Denver. Respect signs on private property

    3) 15 round mag limit. If you have bigger, be sure to say that you owned it prior to July 1st and you'll be grandfathered, unless your mag is date-stamped as being manufactured after 7/1/13.

    4) be safe!

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    Denver is the only city/county that has a legal enforceable ban against open carry. Everyplace else is okay.

    The above poster mentioned open car carry is also illegal in Denver. That is the first I've heard that. Colorado considers your vehicle to be an extension of your home and it is my understanding that when Denver challenged the state on car carry they lost the ability to restrict car carry in any form.

    Not being in possession of a CCW, CCP, CHP, LTCH etc. that is recognized by the state of CO means you are not exempt from the federal law that restricts a person from carrying a firearm within 1000' of a school. So if you're carrying openly on foot pay attention to what is around you.
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