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Thread: Columbia, SC police get an MRAP. More departments to follow.

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    Columbia, SC police get an MRAP. More departments to follow.

    I'm just gonna leave this right here. The same vehicles we use to patrol combat zones will soon be rolling your streets.

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    Well, know you know where to get one if you need one.

    Part of the DoD logistics program started under Bush.

    Obamalama put a halt on the program recently (14 mos ago?) ~ if this was in the pipe-line before that or it the program has been re-started is unknown to me at this time. Why did obamalama stop it? Seems like some PDs were getting free M16s and then turning around and selling them to the general public.

    Want to know what people are getting equipment under the DoD program? Cannot find out via FOIA request with DoD ~ they don't want you to know.

    I discovered many stuff through FOIA with local governments. People just pay for the shipping mostly. So its like 50 bucks for a M16.

    I see they took off the .50 cal machine gun on top ... these vehicles are easily immobilized. Cost of items needed to immobilize? About five bucks. Anyone can post how wins a prize.
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