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Thread: Stolen gun alert!!!!

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    Stolen gun alert!!!!

    To all:

    Daylight res burg on 11-14-2013 City of Seatac

    Friend of mine lost several firearms. Please watch for these guns.

    Those of you with the Washington Arms Collectors, PLEASE keep your eyes peeled at the next Puyallup and Monroe gun shows and please circulate this information to all other WAC members.

    Those at gun shops, please hand this out to all employees and ask them to watch for anyone trying to sell the rifles.

    Serial numbers are all in BOLD FACE.

    Any of these guns show up, please contact the police, and me ASAP.


    Dave Workman


    1) Remington Model 600 Mohawk .308 with Redfield "low pro" 3x9 scope SN#A6437444
    2) Winchester model 70 .30/06 Featherweight with Nikon 3x9 Buckmaster scope SN# G150776
    3) Olympic Arms PCR 98 .223 SN#411980
    4) Savage Mod 99 .300 Savage with Burris 3/9 scope SN#218930 (has walnut stock, metal buttplate and walrus ivory comb cap)
    5) Savage Mod 23 D .22 Hornet bolt action with antique scope ( I think it's a Lyman) SN#218930


    6) Glock mod 27 .40 SN# EPU 472 with XS express front and rear sights.
    7) Ruger Mark II .22 SN#210-58447 black in color
    8) Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mag stainless with rosewood looking grips and lime green color hand painted front sight. SN# 87-88522

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    Got it - eyes open.
    - burglary from home? Sorry to hear.
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    Do you happen to know what kind of safe he had these firearms stored in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jt59 View Post

    Do you happen to know what kind of safe he had these firearms stored in?
    Also, what kind of alarm system was installed? How long did it take for LE to arrive?

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    dave, is your friend a life member of the NRA or did they participate in the firearm insurance program?

    just a thought...

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