I am a senior at UVA's College at Wise and I along with many peers feel that I was wrongfully suspended for a year following a trip to Asheville, NC. The detailed story is located here: http://www.change.org/petitions/donn...-reinstate-him

Long story short: I asked my professor if it would be cool for me to take my handgun on the trip since we would not be on campus. She said yes and that she would keep my bag in her car so it wouldn't be on the rented van owned by the college. We were ready to leave and she decided to meet us in Asheville (three hours away) and left me and my Glock riding the van. While on the trip I was detained by a police officer for OC'ing and when the same professor who said it was perfectly fine to bring my gun contacted the school about it without my knowledge. Two days later I was banned from campus on my return then three days after that I was in an administrative hearing in which I was suspended for a year as well as being banned from all college property.

I hope I can get the word out and gather support for my fight against the decision since I was left with no appeals option by the college policy. If anyone wants to help get the word out or could get me in touch with people who could that would be most excellent.