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Thread: Example of knowing what battles to bring to bear

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    Example of knowing what battles to bring to bear

    But last week, just before Veterans Day, hospital brass asked Hawks to remove his “God Bless America” signature from his hospital emails, KCRA reported.

    While Hawks said he complied (“I removed the signature before I sent another email,” Hawks told KCRA), he said he also told his supervisor that he wanted to consult with an attorney about his rights, according to the Christian News Network.

    Then things heated way up.

    Hawks said he was placed on administrative leave for insubordination last Friday, noted KCRA.....

    For Hawks’ part, he just wants to be allowed to place “God Bless America” back in his email signature.

    Now here's an idiot, really.

    Its the company's email ... they don't want "God bless America" on their emails then that's up to them.

    But this guy telling his boss "I'm going to see a lawyer" implied he was going to sue them if he could.

    Hey, if you want to see a lawyer, don't tell the other party, especially if its your employer.

    He can put "God bless America" in HIS emails, just not his company's - cause they don't want it.

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    Meh. I agree that he should comply with the company's regulations on email signatures, or find a company who's regulations he finds more proper. He did (comply). Saying that his wanting to talk to an attorney about his rights is threat of use of force (ie. legal action) and therefore insubordination is a stretch. It's highly subjective. The company may very well be within their right to place him on administrative leave, regardless... But calling the guy an idiot is a leap, IMO.

    IMO, saying "I'm getting an attorney" in a hyper or aggressive tone indicates that he wants to fight in court. But saying "I want to consult with an attorney about my rights" simply means, well, he wants to consult with an attorney about his rights. It doesn't necessarily imply that he intends to take any action against the company at all. It indicates that he wishes to educate himself on the issue. That should be applauded, IMO.
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    Dameron Hospital in Stockton, Calif.....well, there ya go.

    If he would have used "God Belss Dameron Hospital" he would've gotten promoted.

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