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Thread: Connecticut Carry - Announcement - 2013 Gun Ban Campaign Yard Signs on Sale!

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    Thumbs up Connecticut Carry - Announcement - 2013 Gun Ban Campaign Yard Signs on Sale!


    2013 Gun Ban Campaign Yard Signs on Sale!

    A great way to show your contempt for the 2013 Gun Ban

    Connecticut, September 15, 2013: Now in the Connecticut Carry Store are 18” x 12” Coroplast Yard Signs with specific, targeted anti-ban messages. Each sign comes with a heavy duty wire h-frame stand. The signs are made for outdoor standalone use, but also work well for protests and other display purposes by holding them in your hand. Make sure you have a few before the next legislative session to really send a clear message.

    We have made two designs: The ‘Repeal’ design features the text “Repeal the 2013 Gun Ban”, while the ‘Never Forget’ design features the text “2013 Gun Ban Never forgive. Never forget. Vote them out.”. The text appears in white, with an upright AR-15 and a brilliant Cherry Red background.

    Like our current No Guns = No Money campaign, the signs are part of a new sustainable community campaign that Connecticut Carry is introducing to fight the 2013 Gun Ban. These signs will help get the word out about how many people are against the actions taken by our state legislature on 4/4/2013, while helping to provide long term funding for future campaign actions against the Gun Ban and the people who enacted the ban.

    We have big shoes to fill in Connecticut. New York has made national news with their signs by having them appear all over the state. We need to make sure these signs are everywhere our legislators and politicians go. We cannot let them think that we will take this silently.

    If you want to get your own signs, you can order them on our online store:

    Because shipping is so expensive with these signs, we will also be offering them at any events we are part of which we will announce to members. If shipping costs are a major issue for you, please contact so we can try and work out a way for you to pick up your signs.

    We have also been looking for Community Coordinators to help distribute these as well as other future activities. We are also open to making other arrangements for volume/bulk/resale purchases. Please contact if you are interested.
    Connecticut Carry is dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for self defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

    Join us and discuss the issues:

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    Why is one of your signs "repeal the gun ban"?

    The ban itself is illegal ...

    In the above thread ^^^^^ I asked a question that is still not answered.
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