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Thread: Well I finally OC'd....and it was great!

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    Well I finally OC'd....and it was great!

    Like the title says, I finally OC'd and what a great experience it was! I first went to Bass Pro Shops at Opry Mills Mall because I figured that would be a good first place. It's a little more "high end" so you don't have much "rif-raf" like you might run into at Walmart. I simply browsed the ammo section, then over to the gun counter, then over to clothing to check out some of the camo they had on sale. I got a couple looks, mainly from kids and younger people, but no one said anything to me at all. I actually saw another gentleman OCing while I was there. That was on Friday and on Saturday I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and Walmart. Both places were similar, got a few looks here and there but definitely nothing negative. When I was on line at Walmart a guy said to me "do you mind if I ask you a question?" I said "sure, whats up?" (knowing it was in reference to OC) He just asked me about OC, what permit was needed as he had just moved here from AZ and was definitely interested in OC here as he used to do back home.

    All in all it was a great experience and I will definitely be doing it more often! A good friend of mine went with me when I OC on Saturday at Dicks and Walmart and he said to me "you know I never thought of this being with you while you OC, but when I'm out and I see a nicely dressed individual properly OCing, I feel a little bit safer knowing that person is in the store/restaurant with me"

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    Yes, i just started a few months ago with a lot of apprehension myself. Ive received a lot of good feedback. I was with an account for lunch and he is little liberal but we got into guns and i mentioned how MS just went OC, and he commented how great that was and how he wouldnt be concerned to see someone like us OCing.

    You may have a bad experience eventually and like others have said, be professional, no cursing, obey the law and carry a recorder or app on your phone.

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