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Thread: Kentucky allows OC of Stinger Missiles by Al-Qaida in Ft Knox area

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    Kentucky allows OC of Stinger Missiles by Al-Qaida in Ft Knox area

    I am sure Sen. Mitch McConnell and the RINO boys are trying to grant these refugees Amnesty so they can vote for him.
    Aren't the Islamists also getting zoning waivers to build Mosques in TN, KY and NC?

    I've already sent some Texas $ to Matt Bevin's campaign. It w/b interesting to see if other Kentuckians get off their donkey and vote for change in their state - Texas started things rolling with Ted Cruz.
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    And not a single **** was given on that day.

    I'd welcome a load of mosques to be built in every city. Why not? The Jews and Christians have temples and churches everywhere, another religious building ain't gonna do crap-all. Oh, right, I nearly forgot, dem ebil Islamists want to build mosques in the heartland of 'Murrica, and spread their ebil influence around, and impose sharia law! Yep, because How day another religion try to screw with our own supposedly 'christian' nation! This country is God's country! and You can practice whatever religion you want, but God forbid you encourage anything other than Jew-Christianity on our legal system!

    I'll personally give my entire bank account if it meant helping build a mosque in the middle of Owingsville; PURELY for the fact that it'd peeve-off all the christians, and baptists. I'd sit on the street, eating popcorn, and laughing at the protesters who use "Islamist extremism" as an excuse to promote anti-religious freedom.
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    Terrorism: Al-Qaida's abilities to strike in the U.S. are "more dangerous and more numerous than before 9/11," says House intelligence chief Mike Rogers. Why is his hair on fire? Bigger question: Why isn't our president's?

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    ROFL ..

    Scare tactics to allow more groping at airports and on the streets .... hey, keep out of other countries internal affairs -- wow, there's an idea.

    "House intelligence" .. you know anything associated with that comes is total fantasy....

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