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Thread: Anyone interested in this meeting?

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    Anyone interested in this meeting?

    To put this in perspective, I have a friend that is a lawyer. She specializes in elder & estate law. She has observed significant misunderstanding regarding firearms and the issues around passing them to heirs, especially with our recent law changes. There have apparently been some issues with people managing estates that didn't understand their obligations under the laws. The risk is as she puts it is that the executor could become an unintended felon.

    She asked me a question about the community that I couldn't answer and I thought I would post it here for feedback. She was wondering if there would be interest in attending a free seminar / panel educational discussion regarding legal issues. There would be up to three lawyers (including her, a criminal defense & a personal injury) that would be discussing the challenges, risks and some proposed solutions. Obviously, they are looking for business, but the theme is intended to be educational first and visibility for them second.

    My thoughts are how often do we get a chance to get anything free from a lawyer. When I first started carrying, several of us paid for an education from a lawyer knowledgeable on guns and carrying.

    So, without yet knowing where on the front range this would be (I have already told her not Denver) and also knowing she is aware of OC (I carry around her almost every week in a business setting) would anyone be interested in a couple hour event some time in the future?

    Please reply here with your thoughts. No flames are necessary if you are not interested. I'm just trying to help a friend and our community here.

    Thanks for listening...

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    I would definitely be interested. Should post this over on cogunowners dot com.

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    Depending on location I would be interested.

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