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Thread: FOP complains about HB 203 removing OC as RAS for a terry stop

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    FOP complains about HB 203 removing OC as RAS for a terry stop

    From the Columbus Dispatch:

    A proposed change to how police handle situations involving someone carrying a gun also is drawing significant attention from those who say it adds confusion to the law and would hinder efforts by law enforcement in preventing crime.

    Under sections of state law dealing with the crimes of inducing panic and disorderly conduct, House Bill 203 adds: “The exercise of a constitutional or statutory right is not, in itself, a violation of this section and does not constitute reasonable, articulable suspicion of criminal activity.”

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    Which just codifies in Ohio law something that has already been established by case law, but certain **** LEOs continue to disregard, which is why it is in HB203. The FOP, a purely political organization that does not accurately represent the views of rank-and-file LEO, is on the wrong side of this as they are on many topics.
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    This change simply seems to simply codify Black for the hard-of-thinking.

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    Normally, like 99% of the time, court decisions are just left alone if they address a subject.

    Now they want a new law? Great ! Now it becomes law and not just case law.

    An even stronger one.

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