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Thread: Incorrect conlcusions noted in anti piece . even ffl's can be duped into selling out

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    Incorrect conlcusions noted in anti piece . even ffl's can be duped into selling out

    Having people in a skyscraper murdered at random in the middle of the day, or blown out of the air in a big plane, is one of those unacceptable risks; another is having kids in a kindergarten massacred.

    I think that the founding fathers knew that these type of events would happen but still wrote in the 2nd amendment ... better to bear some bad things happening than to have a gov't we cannot control or be protected against or able to have the tools to change.

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    The problem here is that we have removed "personal responsibility" from the equation and we always go to the lowest common denominator.

    Now, when a lunatic does something, our course of action is to remove all sharp items from everyone rather than just dealing with the lunatic.

    I don't think the founders necessarily knew of these types of events, they did however disagree with the concept that everyone's rights must be abridged because one person does something stupid.

    These events are used for control, period. Government doesn't care one bit about your dead child.

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    Read Vilfredo Pareto, Italian sociologist, economist and 'creator' of the Pareto 80-20 Distribution. If it can happen, it will happen sooner or later.

    Pareto has gotten much needed attention since the Chelyabinsk meteor explosion.
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