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Thread: Sounds like Hudak likes committing crimes - like Blago

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    Sounds like Hudak likes committing crimes - like Blago

    But Hudak, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the teachers union, wants a say in her successor on the Senate Education Committee we hear. In exchange for her resigning, Senate President Morgan Carroll has allegedly promised to appoint another union goon to head the committee over Senator Michael Johnston (D-Denver), a leading education reform supporter. Our sources say Hudak would prefer Senator Andy Kerr.

    The second stipulation of the resignation agreement, sources say, is that Senate Democrats put out a full court press to stop the recall from taking place. That has clearly been taking place, with liberal organizations and even Senate President Morgan Carroll herself showing up at recall petition signature gathering locations to harass the recall organizers.

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    With Hudak, politics is an ugly thing....

    If they have the sigs to get a recall a judge should set it for election regardless of her throwing in the towel. The language of the recall petition included that election as its goal; not simply getting her out of office but having an election of a successor.

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