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Thread: Colorado: Hudak resigns before recall.

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    Colorado: Hudak resigns before recall.

    State Senator Evie Hudak announced on Wednesday that she will be resigning.

    Hudak released the following statement:

    As Thanksgiving approaches, constituents, supporters and friends of State Senator Evie Hudak will gather to recognize her years of service and accomplishments on issues ranging from protecting domestic violence victims and the elderly to expanding jobs and creating educational opportunities for all children. This morning, Senator Hudak submitted her letter of resignation to the Secretary of the Senate.

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    So how will her replacement be chosen? Special election, by appointment by the governor, or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustaShooter View Post
    So how will her replacement be chosen? Special election, by appointment by the governor, or what?
    Selected by the democrats absent all input from the voters. Essentially, Hudak admitted that she was a spineless weasel who went against the will of the people and did the cowards thing by resigning instead of standing on a belief. If you believe you are right, you stand for it even in the face of the loss. If the dems believed they were right, they would back Hudak completely and not allow her to resign. They would take their "right" position to the ballot and try to convince the voters why they are right. Instead they chickened out and put ideology first. They need Hudak's replacement to be a dem to maintain the majority. Rather than stand together to show they believed they were in the right, they weaseled it away from the people to hold on to power.

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    I think she would have fought to retain her seat. It was the Democrats that wanted her to resign so they could ensure control of the seat.

    One things for sure, politics in Colorado will be a bit less ugly (ok, a LOT less ugly) with her out of them.

    Thats for Amanda Collins there Evie, you soulless, putrid troll.

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    This part of her "deal" to resign? So to be able to pick the successor?

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