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Thread: Article in the J.I. Today...

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    Article in the J.I. Today...

    Thought I would share this...

    Newtown report shows massacre was misused

    Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 9:55 am

    Now that an official report at last has been issued about the school massacre in Newtown almost a year ago, two conclusions are fairly drawn.

    First, the massacre has been used for political purposes whose accomplishment would have done nothing to prevent or diminish it.

    That is, Adam Lanza was able to commit the atrocity not because he had access to the particular rifles and high-capacity magazines that Connecticut since has outlawed but rather because his equally crazy mother kept feeding his interest in guns and kept many guns in their home even as her son's alienation grew more extreme. Exchanging Nancy Lanza's guns and magazines for guns and magazines remaining legal would have left nearly as many people dead if not all of them.


    Chris Powell is managing editor of the Journal Inquirer.

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    I agree with the author as I have posted the same here...

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    I swear we must have entered the Twilight Zone. A CT newspaper that actually admitted that all those unconstitutional gun laws that were rammed down our throats will only hurt law abiding Citizens. The Progressives were waiting for a "Newtown Moment" and they got it via a very deranged, mentally disturbed Adam Lanza. BIG props out to the Inquirer for saying what we've all known all along.........

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