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Thread: $50,000 Rifles and $10,000 Glocks in Australia !!!

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    $50,000 Rifles and $10,000 Glocks in Australia !!!

    A father and his two sons have been arrested in Australia after police found a $3 million arsenal of more than 300 guns and 4.2 tons of ammunition at their farm, police said Thursday.

    The men, aged 69, 46 and 42, were charged with possessing restricted firearms after police found the weapons stockpile stashed in sheds at their property in Monto, Queensland.

    Queensland Police

    A selection of the firearms from a huge stockpile of 328 guns and 4.2 tons of ammo recovered by police in Queensland, Australia.

    Among the 328 weapons were military-style automatic rifles, some of which were worth up to $50,000 each, and Glock handguns worth $10,000, police said.

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    Ohes noes! Some rifles had telescopic lenses! Oh the horror! /sarcasm

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