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Thread: Mark Benenson dies

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    Mark Benenson dies

    From David Hardy (Arms and the law) :
    I was just notified that Mark died on Wednesday. I remember when I began writing on 2A and related topics, back in '74, and I came across his article on why gun control doesn't reduce crime. It was amazing to be able to get an article like that, which impeached the "universally-accepted truth" into a law review.

    Mark was for a time the head of the American branch of Amnesty International. He told me that when AI's leadership found out that their American head was an NRA member and had published in opposition to gun control, they tried to set up a rival American branch, without success.
    If you did not know who he was, start with his obituary .

    A loss for all.

    stay safe.
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    I man of high repute and dedication to the RKBA. He became a legend in his own time. He will be sorely missed.
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