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Thread: how can you discover DNA ?

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    how can you discover DNA ?

    So tonight I am at a family gathering and my cousin who is a uber liberal atheist scientist was talking the usual nonsense about religion and how science rules and blah blah blah.

    She said religion gets in the way of science and science proves there is no religion and I asked for an example. She said that science discovered DNA and religion had thousands of years to mention it but never did.

    I said "how did science discover DNA when it was always already there? Science didn't invent or create DNA. God wasn't trying to hide DNA. Scientists were just too dumb for thousands of years to figure out something God made millions of years ago"

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    LOL. That the Bible doesn't have the word "DNA" in it disproves religion. onus there is no response necessary to a comment like that. He might as well have said, God doesn't exist because banana. He sounds pretty illogical to be a "scientist"... What exactly does he do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    Self-proclaimed scientists aren't. One can be a physicist, or an engineer, or a sociologist, but to self-proclaim oneself as scientist pretty well impeaches his science.
    First of all, the Bible says in Roman's 1-22 professing themselves to be wise they became fools. Science does not conflict with the Bible. The evolution religion zealots conflict with science and the Bible, since evolution is a lie. No truth to it. Dna has been around since the begging about 6,000 years ago.

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    The "discoverer" of DNA believed life here was seeded by aliens. Apparently the idea is still alive, if you've seen the movie Prometheus you'll see it. I don't know if watson and crick addressed the idea of who created the aliens, I'm guessing no.
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    Science does rule--to the extent that its members rigorously apply the scientific method.

    One giant shortcoming of scientists, though, is that they seem stuck in bashing existing religions. Rather than just try to discover the fundamental laws of spiritual existence, a sort of finding out what religion ought to be.

    Imagine turning the scientific method towards spiritual existence. The same rigor. Boy, wouldn't things turn around fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by onus View Post
    I said "how did science discover DNA when it was always already there? Science didn't invent or create DNA. God wasn't trying to hide DNA. Scientists were just too dumb for thousands of years to figure out something God made millions of years ago"
    .. You mean Thousands of years ago don't you? There is no support in the Bible for an Earth more than a few thousand years old.

    How could anyone discover the New World when it had been here for thousands of years?
    How did anyone discover the platypus when it existed for thousands of years before the first explorer saw one

    How could Fermat discover his Last Theorem when quantities existed before man was created 6,000 years ago?

    How did Selecucus of Seleucia discover tides were caused by the Moon when the Moon and Earth both existed before man was created days later?

    How can someone have discovered Uranus and Neptune when those planets already existed?

    How can anyone make the claim that microorganisms were discovered by Antony van Leeuwenhoek when they existed at least hours before he trained his microscope upon them?

    I discovered a new way home from work that lets me avoid a good 15 minutes of traffic. But, I guess I didn't "discover" anything as those roads have been there for years and years. It's not like I created new pavement or the highway department was hiding those roads or anything....
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    God did tell us millennia ago about DNA. The guys who listened said .."uh, don't write that down ... it would make us look crazy"

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