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Thread: explaining part of the anti-gunners' violence

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    explaining part of the anti-gunners' violence

    This was not directed towards anti-gunners and their behavior, but the points it makes apply to the trend of violent bahavior we see from anti-gunners.

    Think about it. Then start thinking about how we can use this information to deal with the antti-gunners' behavior.

    stay safe.
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    Not going to watch the video. The goal, as I see it, is to remove liberals from elected public office. There are anti-gun non-liberals who hold, and have held elected office, but they are a rare breed. When liberals are removed from the seats of power liberty is more easily restored. Go ahead and try to convince the 20% to vote for liberty. I will try to convince those who are reasonable yet uninformed to vote for liberty.

    I will address violence, from any quarter, if it manifests itself when it manifests itself.


    That logic could be the use of violence to achieve social standing as in a gang dominant culture or it could be the use of violence to achieve immediate celebrity and infamy as in rampage murder.
    Some "rampage" murderers are just plain nuts and I will not attribute a quest for celebrity or infamy to them unless they survive to tell us all that was their motive. Sane, rational people do not murder.

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