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Thread: OC Report: Memphis, TN 26 NOV-30 NOV

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    OC Report: Memphis, TN 26 NOV-30 NOV

    I OC'ed during my entire visit. All within Memphis City limits. I went several places including Wolfchase Galleria, Gus' Fried Chicken on Germantown Pkwy, and Best Buy on G'town Pkwy. Passed several cops and didn't have any issues. They didn't say a word to me. As for people, I got lots of stares and looks but no issues. I saw another guy OC'ing in Best Buy during the Black Friday madness. Had a guy in Tops BBQ on Union walk into my face for no apparent reason and stare me down. Note I said nothing to this guy to provoke him as I just waiting in line to order. When he finally looked me up and down and saw the P740 he went on his way. I just laughed it off. It is Midtown Memphis after all. All in all a very good visit. In addition to Memphis I OC'ed the entire trip from WV to TN and back. I live in MD about 30 mins from WV so had to put it away at my last gas stop.

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    glad your visit went well! I just started OCing a few months ago. Im always suprised how few people notice, at most like you said, ill get a perplexed stare but that's about it.

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