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    Short Into

    Hey Everybody. Anybody around here from the GJ area? I'm new to OC as I just turned 18, but have been around firearms since I was very young. Learned the proper way to handle and have spent hundreds of hours on the range shooing competition long rifle. Have family members that are former law enforcement and that teach concealed carry here in town. Would love to be part of the OC community in GJ!

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    Sweet, welcome!

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    Most of us are from the front range, kinda like where everybody else in the state...
    There are a few hanging out over on the lunatic fringe though.
    There's also a few of us from the east side that make fairly regular trips out your way.
    Hang out here and get to know us all a little better.

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    Hello comtb, I live here in Grand Junction. I open carry everywhere I go out here except to school at CMU. I go to Walmart often during the week to pick up stuff and then when I have custody of my daughters on weekends I am usually out all over town with them. Never had any issues here in Grand Junction or in Montrose where my daughters live with their mom, in fact any contacts related to my open carrying have either been someone thanking me for carrying or just someone wanting to talk firearms. Glad to know of another OCer in town!

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