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Thread: no need for papers, we demand your DNA

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    no need for papers, we demand your DNA

    people laughed when I was talking about obamacare checkpoints

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    As long as there is zero question in the mind of the driver that he does not have to pull into the checkpoint, I have no problem with this whatsoever. The headline of the article indicates that drivers were "forced" to pull over, but the body seemed to indicate otherwise. Since governmental force is the crux of the issue, the article's author should have made the procedures that might have been seen as force the main point of the article.

    Also, the thread title is quite misleading. Considering the agenda of the OP, not surprising.

    Oh, and this has nothing to do with obamacare either. So, the post and the title are complete deceptions.

    BTW, OP, do you ever discuss OC??? Or carry even??? Or maybe just guns???
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    St Charles Missouri also. There was no indication that the cop in the "middle of the road" could be ignored and driven around. No reasonable person would feel that they could ignore the deputy and drive around. I suspect that if a citizen did just simply drive around the deputy that a serious and likely life threatening situation would have ensued for the hapless citizen.

    The events after the citizen was directed into the designated ares is irrelevant.

    The St Charles Sheriff's Department permitted deputies to assist the NHTSA gang. I am not sure at this point if the deputies were on-duty, or were assisting in a unpaid "off-duty" capacity.

    Any cop who engages in such conduct is a thug.

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