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Thread: Misinformation on DPS website?

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    Misinformation on DPS website?

    If you go to...

    ...and click Do's & Don'ts of Carrying a Concealed Weapon, you will see the following question:

    I am a Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holder. Are there any places where I cannot carry my concealed handgun?

    Yes. 46.035, Texas Penal Code prohibits carrying of handguns and other weapons in certain places. These include but are not limited to:

    On the premises of a business that derives 51% or more of its income from the sale or service of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption
    On the premises where a high school, collegiate, or professional sporting or interscholastic event is taking place
    On the premises of a correctional facility
    On the premises of a hospital or nursing home (unless licensee has written authorization)
    In an amusement park
    On the premises of a church, synagogue, or other place of worship
    At any meeting of a governmental entity

    46.02, Texas Penal Code and 46.03, Texas Penal Code also specifically prohibit handguns or weapons under other circumstances and from other locations other than those listed above. For example: It is against Texas law to carry a concealed handgun if the person has the handgun in plain view; or if the person is engaged in a criminal activity (other than a Class C traffic offense); or if prohibited from possessing a firearm, or is a member of a criminal street gang. Some other areas where weapons are prohibited include the premises of polling places on the day of an election or during early voting, the premises of any government court, the premises of a racetrack, in a secured are of an airport or within 1,000 feet of premises designated as a place of execution on the day a sentence of death is set to be imposed.

    The Department of Public Safety cannot provide legal advice to CHL holders. For additional information and exceptions, please see Texas Penal Code Chapter 46. You may also consider contacting the local law enforcement or the local County or District Attorney for more information about carrying a weapon in your area.
    Carrying in a church is only illegal if it is posted with a 30.06 sign, right?! Why does their website have this misinformation? Has anyone tried contacting them about this? If not, I will...

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    Haven't read the entire section, so not sure if there are additional innacuracies there, but yes, you are correct about that one. It is probably a matter of it not being updated since the law was updated
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